Welcome to the Sprucer Clubhouse!

As Sprucers, we share insanely cool interests such as living a healthy lifestyle, using natural products, creating abundance for ourselves and our families… And of course, having a major obsession with Young Living™ essential oils!

We are the club to be in, and we're growing like wild-fire every single month because we cherish our entire community and it's amazing members to the absolute max. (Hint Hint: That's YOU!)

Here’s the deal, Sprucer: Because we love you like a puppy loves a bone shaped piece of bacon --- and because we know your time is precious as pie --- we created the Clubhouse to be a magical place where we (Sprucers) come together from all over the world to play, chat, learn, share, teach, grow and for some of us, talk business.

Our Clubhouse has a boat load of resources that are designed to accelerate your L-O-V-E and learning for all things Spruce-Worthy. We'll teach you how to use therapeutic grade essential oils like a total pro, and on the flip side, to maximize your earning potential and abundance. This community will act as a powerhouse of ongoing accountability and support for you as you Spruce Up Your Life! (Yeah, I said it.)


Now for the (even more) amazing news:

This entire website, community and ongoing support is 100% free.

Did I say free? You betcha! Consider it a token of our gratitude and our little way of showing how truly grateful we are that our paths have crossed.

All we ask in return for our hard work and investment on this website is that you please read our itsy-bitsy disclaimer and respect our policies. These are the terms that you are asked to approve of before joining our clubhouse. If you forget the terms, feel free to refresh your mind by clicking the disclaimer link in the footer of this website.

Phew! Alrighty, we know without a doubt that you're going to explode with passion for this fun-loving group, and while you're at it, see a massive positive shift in your life in more ways than you can count!

Sounds pretty cool, right?

You ain't seen nothing yet. 😉

Much love,